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Your business will be successful with us

Internet-marketing experience of every specialist in the team is not less than 8 years.

Olga Korobova / Company executive

Brand-new solutions allow reaching solid performance.

Our digital-agency is not middle-on-the-road. That is why we take a liking to you and understand your needs. We are good listeners – we pay heed to your wishes. And of course, we’ve got a soul. We are attached to every project and become thoroughly engrossed in the working process. And finally, we’ve got hands to drive all internet-marketing resources hard and create a really unique and powerful brand for you.


Every project is unique and much loved.

We devote everything we know and can (and even more) to the projects to achieve the results we would proud of.


A wide range of digital marketing services and a comprehensive approach to promote your business on the Internet

Website development

Your website will be attractive, functional and efficient. We’ll create a website that would suit your needs: promo-site, e-commerce site, corporate site, landing page.


Your websites will be seen by potential clients. We’ll accomplish website optimization and place it in Top-10 Yandex and Google search results.

Contextual advertising

The number of your real clients will increase. We’ll expand the target audience, introduce a new product on the market and push up seasonal sales.


We’ll turn your potential clients into real customers. We’ll analyze your business and populate the website with seductive sales copy.

Social media advertising

Your clients will become regular. We’ll forge relationships with the target audience, stimulate repeat sales and enhance clients’ loyalty to the band.

Brand naming

We’ll create your business, trademark or product name. It will be unique, catchy and recognized.


Excellent! We are looking forward to you!

Write to us, and we’ll start carrying out your project.



We are talented. And smart. Really smart and talented.

Olga Korobova

She helps the team to be in tune for a well-coordinated work. Being a bachelor of socio-humanistic disciplines, she is responsible and cheerful, thoughtful and strong-willed; “Carrot-and-stick” of Fabrika brendov.

Company executive

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Artem Skopinov

He controls all the projects and the stuff, generates ideas and daring solutions, prefers actions to talks.

Senior technical lead


Anastasiya Kozlovskaya

She supervises SEO, contextual advertising and web-development issues. She is lively and charismatic, an optimistic realist, who likes coffee in the morning and justice.

Account manager


Fabrika brendov understands customers’ needs and is ready to go into the root of the business matters of its partners, teaches new things, offers new tools and shows its stuff how to operate these tools in their work.

Tatiyana Nedereva-Arhipets Chief executive   SmartRealt

Stuff’s striving for high quality standards while carrying out non-standard solutions attracts us.

Nikolaeva I.A. deputy head of marketing department Keramin

Company professionalism in contextual advertising campaign conducting served us well to promote conversion, and individual approach while our site development allowed us improve the search engine results and take leading positions in search query.

Pavel Yakimenko Co-founder and chief executive CBS representative office in Belarus

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