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Сontextual advertising

Contextual advertising is one of the simplest and most effective tools of digital marketing. It is available to everyone, and the result of such an advertising campaign is clear.

What is contextual advertising? When a specific query is typed in the search line, the user will see your advertisement which is related to the subject of the query on the noticeable position of the search results first page.

Besides, contextual advertising includes such kinds of advertisements as ads in the form of graphic blocks and banners. Their important function is advertising of your product or services on various thematic websites.

At present, efficient tools for contextual advertising are remarketing/retargeting. This mechanism provides you with a productive communication with users who have already visited your site earlier and are potential targets. This category of users will see your advertisements when they visit other sites. The ads will be relevant to the users’ recent requests. Remarketing is the feature of the Google Adwords system, and retargeting is one of the Yandex.Direct system.

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Contextual advertising: what are its pros?

  • Flexibility in budget planning
  • A unique opportunity for analyzing the campaign in real-time and make timely changes
  • Rapid achievement of the result
  • Opportunity to fine-tune the viewing of advertisements only to the target audience (targeting by time and region)

Contextual advertising service includes

  • defining of KPI,
  • setting up of an advertising campaign,
  • setting up of analytics systems,
  • management of the advertising campaign,
  • analytics and making adjustments to the advertising campaign which are based on the analytics results.

We actively use the additional features of contextual advertising. Thus, we take use of a function that allows you to test any element of advertising. This method is called A / B testing (split testing). As a result, there is an opportunity to test different information materials for any advertising campaign and choose the most attractive ones for the audience.

We strive to create efficient advertising campaigns and provide excellent service.

The minimum payment for the launch of contextual advertising is 300 BYN!

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Contextual advertising is an excellent solution for the audience segmentation you get.
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