SEO and Ad Campaign for RUP Beltamozhservis Logistics Center

SEO, contextual ads

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Work on the optimization of the site is the top priority for the customer in terms of PR and advertising campaigns of the company as well as its positioning as a serious and competent participant of the international logistics market.

Fabrika Brendov’s team completed a range of works on the internal and external customer’s site optimization based on the approved list of search queries.

As a part of work on contextual advertising, we conducted an audit of the competitive landscape. Based on its result, we set up and launched ad campaigns in Yandex.Direct’s and GoogleAds’s contextual systems.

Our team was constantly analyzing the achieved results, composing reports, conducting work on ad campaign optimization based on the statistical audit’s results.

Successful and timely actions as well as the active cooperation with the client led to the set goals being reached in as little time as three months.

You can read the review of our cooperation with RUP Beltamozhservis here.