Website and Logo Design for General Contract Construction Company Biolit Grupp

Website development, logo, one-time optimization

The designer and developer team of Fabrika Brendov faced the task to develop a website with a unique design as well as to create a logo.

A prototype of the website was made in the process of development. At the same time, the logo was being developed. After the prototype had been approved, a unique design was made for the main page as well as all the internal pages based on the color palette chosen for the logo.

Based on the already approved design, all the pages were formatted, the website functionality was set up, and all the data from the old version was transferred to the new one.

The new site meets all the modern trends of the corporate website design and usability as well as the customer’s preferences.

This website was made as a part of the EBRD grant program. According to its conditions, there is an up to 70 percent money-back of the digital marketing projects’ cost when using the services of our company.