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Website audit

Website audit is the service that includes an in-depth analysis, recommendations for site development and elimination of defects.

There is a great number of factors that influence performance, traffic and sales level. An audit serves to study the parameters of website functioning and identify the most efficient way of promotion.

What does complex website audit mean?

  • Technical audit. It includes the check of the website standard compliance, download rate, code correctness. The goal is to identify if the site is displayed in an appropriate way in all browsers, to analyze the simplicity of the website management, to study the site security and programming.
  • Marketing audit. It is aimed at identifying if the website may be perceived as the instrument of market relations.
  • The website usability analysis. The term “usability” stands for user-friendliness of the web resource. It depends on audience loyalty and their willingness to visit the site again.
  • SEO audit. It allows identifying website indexability by search engines. It servers to identify if robots see your pages and why they don’t show some of them.

What is the result?

  • a technically correct website is search-engine optimized;
  • increase of the website ranking on search engines;
  • increase in organic search engines traffic;
  • gain in sales by means of the website;
  • your site will become a powerful tool to find  clients on the Internet!

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The right way to success is a technically correct website!
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