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Instagram is a platform that is available for everyone.

Distinctive features of advertising on Instagram

The principal feature of social media is intimacy. Active Instagram users share information about their private lives and funny situations with a great pleasure.

Реклама в Instagram

Thus, in order for your advertisement to be perceived, it has to stand out against a present background: it is better to post high-quality and interesting photos. Smart advertising will attract new clients for further cooperation.

Among our Instagram advertising service clients are:


Реклама для Смарт-Риэлт

What business to promote on Instagram?

The users of this platform are ready for ads of any type in case they are presented in the best possible way. Its audience is young ladies and adolescents. The percentage of young ladies is 72% and adolescents amount to 28%.

Student platform LendEDU asked young people about social networks that influence what product to choose. Instagram shines.

Публикация от Фабрика Брендов (@fabrikabrendov)

Advertising on Instagram is extremely efficient for beauty shops, brand-name clothes, furniture, various events and so on. Instagram is the service that leads users to impulse buying. Everything will be bought in case it attracts customers.

The minimal price to launch advertising on Instagram is 500 BYN!

Advantages of targeted advertising on Instagram:

  • low barrier entry in contrast to other types of advertisement;
  • accurate identification of target audience;
  • speed;
  • consistency of results;
  • scalability;
  • user reachability;
  • clear measurable results;
  • analytics;
  • facility to advertise products on the basis of active users.

We look for the clients you need

Social media advertising is a new way to attract your target audience!


  • You want something more than an “attractive website”;
  • You need complex analytics and no-nonsense approach;
  • You are ready to achieve measurable result of our work;
  • Your company has the potential and you want to unlock it;
  • You are looking for confidential partnership, but not just customer-contractor relations.


  • Primitive solutions satisfy you;
  • You don’t like your work;
  • You aren’t ready to get to a new level;
  • You aren’t capable to be glad about progress.

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