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Remarketing is aimed at attracting potential clients. Such customers once visited your website and haven’t accomplished a desired action action. Remarketing will be efficient for small, medium-sized and big business on the Internet.

How does remarketing work?

как работает ремаркетинг?

Advertisement is seen by those who once developed an interest to the goods or services on the website. It is accomplished in the following way: if a user visits your website, he/she becomes marked by a browser cookie-file. Then, when the user visits any other website of the content-media network, he/she will see the advertisement that would stimulate the person to open your site again and accomplish the desired action.

Among our remarketing clients are:


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Remarketing objectives
  • Flexible approach to budget planning
  • Unique opportunity to analyze the conducted campaign and correct it in proper time
  • Quick results
  • Facility to set up the advertisement demonstration for the audience you are interested in (targeting on the basis of time and regions)

Contextual advertising includes

  • brand promotion on the Internet;
  • conversion increase;
  • increase in profitability of promotional costs.

Main pluses of remarketing:

  • Target audience. Segmentation is accomplished by means of remarketing lists when search conditions are specified. The criteria differ in: price, interests, activities, source, etc.
  • Coverage. It is possible to define the number of ads demonstrations per month, week, day, and decide on which sites the ads will be presented.
  • Good price. You won’t have to pay for the number of ads’ demonstrations and the number of pages a user opened. Payment is levied per clicks only.

We look for the clients you need

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  • You want something more than an “attractive website”;
  • You need complex analytics and no-nonsense approach;
  • You are ready to achieve measurable result of our work;
  • Your company has the potential and you want to unlock it;
  • You are looking for confidential partnership, but not just customer-contractor relations.


  • Primitive solutions satisfy you;
  • You don’t like your work;
  • You aren’t ready to get to a new level;
  • You aren’t capable to be glad about progress.

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