Advertising on Odnoklassniki We’ll help to increase sales

Advertising on Odnoklassniki is the right way to find the solvent TA!

Advertising on Odnoklassniki

The best way to increase sales

Advertising on Odnoklassniki

Main marketing problems may be solved due to the targeted advertising on Odnoklassniki. Taking into consideration the fact that Odnoklassniki doesn’t abound in advertisements, users are more lenient towards them. As the evidence from practice shows, advertising on Odnoklassniki is a good variant for those whose task is to push up sales.

Реклама в одноклассниках

Many companies avoid this platform, considering that its primary audience is senior citizens and housewives. But the situation has changed recently. There are men and women from 25 to 35 years of age who are Odnoklassniki users. 56% of them are women. That is why goods for women advertising is so popular here.

Among our advertising on Odnoklassniki clients are:


Реклама для Смарт-Риэлт

Business problems solved by advertising on Odnoklassniki:

  • quick customer capture and retaining established clients;
  • brand promotion;
  • new products promotion;
  • goods promotion to new target markets and abroad;
  • events promotion;
  • special offers promotion;
  • provision of information about new goods.

Advantages of advertising on Odnoklassniki:

  • Prospects. Odnoklassniki is a misunderstood and promising service.
  • Solvent audience. 75% of Odnoklassniki users are people of moderate and high means from 25 to 55 years of age.
  • Advertisement demonstration. Service functions allow creating over 15 types of targeting.
  • Advertisement analysis. It is possible to monitor the efficiency and success of an advertising campaign in details.

The minimal price to launch advertising is 500 BYN.

We look for the clients you need

Brand promotion is an easy task for an advertising campaign on Odnoklassniki.


  • You want something more than an “attractive website”;
  • You need complex analytics and no-nonsense approach;
  • You are ready to achieve measurable result of our work;
  • Your company has the potential and you want to unlock it;
  • You are looking for confidential partnership, but not just customer-contractor relations.


  • Primitive solutions satisfy you;
  • You don’t like your work;
  • You aren’t ready to get to a new level;
  • You aren’t capable to be glad about progress.

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