We don’t make false promises.

We partner with Fabrika Brendov OOO on the technical maintenance of our corporate site of VTB Bank (Belarus). Throughout our cooperation, this company has proven time and again its highly professional status as well as its proactive and competent approach to tackling tasks. All of the tasks have been dealt with in a timely and sufficient manner. The company’s employees showed an efficient and thoughtful approach to work during the entire period of our cooperation.

VTB Bank (Belarus) ZAO is certain when it recommends Fabrika Brendov OOO as a competent website development contractor and a reliable business partner.

We thank Fabrika Brendov OOO for conducting a contextual advertising campaign for the 42nd BelTexIndustry International Sales Exhibition 2018. We’d like to note their high level of professionalism, customized approach, and constructive result-aimed communication. We were satisfied with both the process of the work and the results of our cooperation.

E. O. Brigadnyi Deputy director of BelExpo
We, CJSC STV, cooperated with Fabrika Brendov LLC  in the development of a website for the project "Belarus.News". The guys themselves developed the design based on our wishes, sent us a prototype of the site, and later made it on the “engine” we needed.
Throughout development, we communicated closely and I understood why they had the highest price among those companies that I approached about cooperation. Fabrika Brendov LLC employs true professionals who are well versed in their segment. It is also worth noting that they are always ready to give advice if any difficulties arise. They promptly answer any questions. In general, I was very pleased and, if I have to create a website in the future, I will certainly offer the management to cooperate with this particular company.

We express gratitude to Fabrika Brendov and manager Viktoria Dubinskaya for active and efficient work! Professionalism of the company in contextual advertising campaign conducting allowed us to increase conversion, the individual approach made it possible to get better positions in search engine results. Special thanks for efficiency and the positive attitude! Taking into account the fact that we represent a business-school, we make high demands to our partners, and marketing is not an exception. However, Fabrika Brendov bears out its high level month after month. Thank you!

The EcoDomStroy manufacturing unitary enterprise represented by Yuri Leontievich Suprinovich expresses its gratitude to Fabrika Brendov OOO for collaborating on its site promotion. We’d like to note the team’s professionalism, its attention to details, scrupulousness in minor things, and spiritual communication. We are satisfied with the result and happy we didn’t make a mistake choosing a contractor. We wish Fabrika Brendov success and prosperity!

Kvalimbel OOO as represented by vice CEO Vladimir Aleksandrovich Klimashevish expresses its gratitude to the Fabrika Brendov team for conducting a functional revision of the new site template as well as for the technical maintenance of the site. It became much more attractive and convenient for the users. We’d like to note the professional approach to problem-solving, help they provided us with in searching for the optimal solutions, and nice communication. We wish Fabrika Brendov success and new interesting projects.

Vladimir Klimashevich Vice CEO of Kvalimbel OOO

Our cooperation with Fabrika Brendov was very efficient. The high degree of proficiency and the art of listening are the offering of success. No other company ranks above Fabrika Brendov in it. Fabrika Brendov understands its clients and is ready to go into the heart of business peculiarities of its partners, offers new tools and teaching our staff to use them.
Besides, they are ready to share the instruments of control with us, which is very important. Fabrika brendov is notable for punctuality, and we appreciate it. They are obliging and fulfill everything at a high level and know all the answers to our wishes.
Thanks to intent specialists and their careful recommendations, we have managed to make the way our website operates really advanced. Our partners pay scrupulous attention to detail. It’s interesting and comfortable to work with the specialists of the company. We wish “Fabrika brendov” prosperity and success and hope to cooperate effectively later on.

Tatiyana Nedereva-Arhipets Chief executive of SmartRealt

GidroHoll OOO expresses its gratitude to Fabrika Brendov’s entire team for the high level of cooperation quality in development, promotion, and technical maintenance of its site. The team has always had attentive attitude, led constructive communication, and taken aim for the max results.

We are very happy about our cooperation and sincerely thank you for its productivity!

N.A. Kuzhel CEO of GidroHoll OOO

DZHIM STUDIO OOO thanks the team of Fabrika Brendov for our long-term cooperation on our site’s technical maintenance as well as for the one-time optimization. We’d like to note the company’s creative approach to solving the tasks at hand, scrupulousness in project implementation, detailed reports about the work done and, of course, humanly communication that is full of soul. We’re very happy with the results of the solution they have implemented on our site and we feel the effectiveness of them. We’ll be glad to cooperate with Fabrika Brendov farther on other services and we wish the success.

Ivan Mogilevchik CEO of DZHIM STUDIO OOO

The LOGCONSULT educational center thanks Fabrika Brendov for efficient cooperation on site development and internet marketing consulting services. We plan to continue the cooperation on other spheres of work as well with Fabrika Brendov.

D.V. Kurochkin Self-employed businessman

Tursento OOO sincerely thanks the entire team that participated in our site’s development. We’d like to personally thank the programmer for not just preparing the site, but also for interacting with a third-party contractor on an external module integration.

Thanks to timely help, all questions were being solved in a timely manner without us controlling it. Thanks for saving us time and letting us not get involved in the technicalities. We are very satisfied with our cooperation on all its levels as well as with the resultant product.

We are very happy and planning to continue our fruitful cooperation.

We wish you guys success in all your future projects!

N.N. Bykova CEO of Tursento

I thank the team of Fabrika Brendov for their high levels of professionalism, careful attitude, and individual approach.

Our site works great, our clients are satisfied with its convenience, and we are happy about the sales. Fabrika Brendov’s tech support and consulting are always timely. We plan on continuing to cooperate on the project promotion as well.

A.G. Lukyanchik Project leader of krassa.by

Viktoria-100 wholeheartedly thanks Fabrika Brendov for our fruitful many-year cooperation. Site creation, its constant and timely tech support, search engine promotion - all of these tasks are of the highest quality! We are sure that our relations will strengthen and the work will be even more fruitful. We recommend Fabrika Brendov as a professional team experienced in SEO promotion on highly competitive topics.

E.N. Litvin CEO of Viktoria-100

The process of cooperation with Fabrika Brendov was very fruitful. Although there were some troubles during the work (we faced the problems with contextual advertising once), still Fabrika Brendov, LLC responded to them in a fitting manner. We were offered a bonus, and the problem was solved quickly. Our site will be developed soon and we entrust it to Fabrika Brendov.

The PRIME WAY logistics company expresses its gratitude to the Fabrika Brendov digital agency, represented by Olga Korobova and Artiom Skopinov, for the professional approach to making the site.

The site was made in the shortest possible time and faster than it was prescribed in the Agreement. All our wishes and requirements were taken into account.

In addition to developing the site and hosting it, the agency helped set up corporate mail on YANDEX, and also connected YANDEX Metrics. In addition to the above services, Fabrika Brendov helped develop a data processing policy and all these additional services were included in the cost of developing the site.

We were pleasantly surprised by the competence of the company's employees and got more than expected and all this for reasonable money.

Sergei Fiodorov PRIME WAY

I express gratitude to the staff of Fabrika Brendov for the high degree of proficiency, advertence and individual approach. The website is running perfectly, our clients are satisfied with the site’s facilities, while we are pleased with the sales level. Technical support and consultations by Fabrika Brendov are always efficient and timely. We’re planning to continue our cooperation to promote our project in the future.

Viktoria-100 expresses appreciation to Fabrika Brendov with all its heart for a fruitful co-operation for years.
Website development, its steady and timely technical support and SEO are at the top level! We are convinced that our partnership will strengthen and become even more efficient. We recommend Fabrika Brendov as a professional in SEO-sphere.

We could not help writing a review about Fabrika Brendov, as we have been working closely with the company for several years. The results are positive. The staff of Fabrika Brendov are the professionals who don’t rest on their laurels, but soldier on and look for the ways to overcome problems. Website development, technical support and web promotion are the work of responsible and reliable specialists of Fabrika Brendov!
And the last but not the least, it’s a great pleasure to cooperate with Fabrika Brendov.

Cherepovich V.M. plant engineer of BauRent

We extend appreciation to Fabrika Brendov company for a great contextual advertising campaign, professional and clear website audit. As a result of well-coordinated work of the whole team, we’ve reached the increase of quantitative and qualitative index of website traffic, its conversion component in particular, the increase of orders and purchases. We thank the team for the work, achieved results and sincere communication.

We thank Fabrika Brendov for the development of our website! The team's excellent knowledge of both technical aspects and design solutions made it possible to make a really convenient and beautiful site.

I would also like to note the professionalism: all tasks were carried out exactly on time and to the fullest extent.

They helped with the choice of the company name and logo. We wish Fabrika further success and development! Recommended as a reliable partner.

We would like to thank Fabrika Brendov LLC on behalf of the subsidiary unitary enterprise Sanatorium Letzy. For several years now, we have known Fabrika Brendov as a reliable partner whose experience and knowledge in the field of technical support as well as the development of web resources we can always rely on. We wish Fabrika Brendov further creative and business success!
A.P. Moiseichenko Director of Letzy Sanatorium
The administration of the Unitary Enterprise Sanatorium Nioman-72 expresses its gratitude to the team of Fabrika Brendov LLC for a long and reliable cooperation, as well as for a consistently responsible approach to the performance of any work.
The tasks of Fabrika Brendov included the redesign of our website, as well as the maintenance of contextual advertising and maintenance, for which we continue to cooperate on to this day.

We have been working with the Fabrika Brendov team for over 4 years. In cooperation, the site of the sanatorium Lesnye Oziora was created, work was carried out to update and improve it, and constant joint activities are carried out to promote the project and attract vacationers.

The team quickly responds to events in the field of recreation, tourism and sanatorium treatment in the world and in Belarus, helping us to ensure an uninterrupted flow of customers. It completes all assigned tasks on time.

We are pleased to recommend Fabrika Brendov LLC as a reliable contractor in the field of Internet marketing.

Cinemenext Bel LLC expresses its gratitude to Fabrika Brendov LLC for successful cooperation in the development of a corporate website for our company.

During our cooperation, the specialists showed a high level of professionalism, activity and competence in the implementation of the project. All changes were made promptly, the project manager was always in touch, which made it possible to get a high-quality product within the specified time frame.

We strongly recommend Fabrika Brendov LLC as a competent and reliable contractor in the field of website development.

We would like to express our gratitude to Fabrika Brendov LLC for long-term cooperation and the high level of services provided to us in the development and maintenance of our website. Thank you for the constructive, sincere customer service, professional implementation of the tasks and strict adherence to deadlines.

We express gratitude to Fabrika Brendov, LLC for excellent work on the https://keramin.by/ website optimization and the Keramin brand promotion on the Internet. The specialists who work on this project are characterized as energetic and professional. Only prospective and creative employees are on the team. They make decisions quickly and are responsible for the final result.
We would like to point out that Fabrika Brendov, LLC is client-oriented. We are impressed by the specialists who are consistent with high-quality standards in their work.
The development of a complex business promotion strategy on the Internet and its results allow us to conclude that the offered solutions are efficient.

Beltamozhservis RUE expresses its gratitude for the work done on the promotion of www.declarant.by on the search engines via SEO and contextual advertising.

The work was done on time and all the goals reached as the contract prescribed.

Our enterprise pays a lot of attention to promoting Beltamozhservis RUE as a serious and competent participant of the international logistics market on the internet.

BellaPak ZAO expresses its gratitude to the whole team of Fabrika Brendov due to the results of the cooperation on our corporate site development. They have developed a prototype of the site, its design, layout, and coding for us as well as content writing and filling the site with it and a one-time optimization.

We’d like to note constructive communication, flawless meeting of deadlines, the ability to listen to the client’s wishes and fulfil it the best way possible.

We wish you all success in the creative field, interesting projects, and glad customers.

M. E. Meleshko CEO of BellaPak ZAO

The MILE construction hypermarket thanks the Fabrika Brendov specialists for meeting the deadlines and performing high-quality work on the project. Its team puts the maximum amount of effort into launching the site in the optimized and user-friendly state.

We’d like to note Fabrika Brendov’s constant attentive approach, aiming at the highest results, and constructive communication.

We wish Fabrika Brendov success in its further development. It’s been easy and fun to work with you!

Bayer VR LLC expresses its gratitude to the Fabrika Brendov web studio for the timely and prompt maintenance of one of the company's websites, ch.bayer.by.

The web studio employs highly qualified specialists who are able to solve tasks of any complexity in the shortest possible time. We are glad that in due time we chose Fabrika Brendov as a partner and look forward to an active continuation of our cooperation.

The CEO of AktivUchet OOO Yulia Grigorievna Velesevich at the behest of the company expresses her sincere gratitude to Fabrika Brendov OOO’s team of professionals for their long-term cooperation and high quality of the services rendered on the account of logo and site design and its further promotion.

We’d like to note the scrupulousness in seeing to the client’s wishes, research not only for the optimal solutions for them but also preemptive work, creativity, and attention to details. We feel that our needs were being taken good care of. We are extremely satisfied with the cooperation and the results we keep getting and wish the company prosperity wholeheartedly.

Yulia Velesevich CEO of AktivUchet OOO

We thank the staff of Fabrika brendov for high-quality and professional cooperation, namely, the development of the riviera-t.by website. The website was designed according to all requirements and wishes of the customer. The terms were kept. A special thanks to the business development director of the company Olga, key account manager Viktoria, web-developer Vladimir for efficiency, accuracy, creativity, resourcefulness and high quality.
We are glad to cooperate with you!
We wish you success in the development of future projects and financial stability.

SilikonTek OOO thanks the development team of Fabrika Brendov for the quality cooperation in our site’s development. The process was tight, quick, and competent. The company itself is always open to dialog and always looking for the best solution. We are satisfied with the result, and so we have prolonged our cooperation - this time, on our site’s promotion and technical maintenance.

We wish Fabrika Brendov luck! Thank you for the mutually lucrative cooperation!

R.N. Zelenko CEO of SilikonTek OOO

When choosing a company to carry out site development for us, we realized that there is always some degree of risk in the equation: you can choose an unsuitable contractor, make a textual mistake on the site, overpay in the end, etc.

We chose Fabrika Brendov OOO and were satisfied. They not only developed a site for us, but also helped with content writing and publishing. I won’t lie: we do review their competitors offers on site promotion and maintenance sometimes, but we’ve made sure time and again that Fabrika Brendov possesses the affordability of prices and proficiency of managers. As the result, we’ve been enjoying our cooperation for three years now.

Maksim Viktorovich Manager of Lebras Market

Fabrika Brendov OOO rendered us internet marketing consulting services. Our impressions are exclusively positive. We have employed the professionals’ recommendations in practice, and our sales have doubled. We’ll use Fabrika’s services in the future too.

R.I. Yakubovskiy Self-employed businessman

We worked together with Fabrika Brendov on developing a landing page for us. Their attention to our wishes and quickness of doing everything, customer support, communication - everything was perfect. We didn’t think when we continued our cooperation on technical maintenance of the site. Thanks, guys! That’s the spirit!

Ya.M. Doroschenko CEO of YarTehServis OOO

The subsidiary unitary enterprise Sanatoriy Naroch thanks the team of Fabrika Brendov for our fruitful cooperation on development of our site //www.sannaroch.com/.

We would like to note the constructive communication, strive for perfection in implementation, and restless search for compromise between our wishes and the time requirements to the output. We are satisfied with both the interaction process and the end result. We want to keep cooperating in the future on technical maintenance of the site and solving marketing tasks.

We wish luck to Fabrika Brendov in its professional activities and will be glad to see the team as our guests!

E.L. Shapechko CMO of Sanatoriy Naroch

We’ve been cooperating with this company for more than 3 years. These guys promote our sites (SEO promotion), conduct advertising campaigns (contextual advertising, remarketing, retargeting, etc.).

We always manage to be on the same page whenever there are difficulties in the project.

Their huge advantage is that they give you a personal account manager that solves all the problems that arise and sees to our wishes on advertising campaigns in a timely manner.

The Novaritm medical center and its CEO Natalya Aleksandrovna Shibeko thanks Fabrika Brendov OOO for our nice cooperation on promotion and tech maintenance of our site. Sincere interest in what’s going on on our side, offers on how to improve the site based on statistical analysis, high expertness, and, at the same time, ability to talk to the client in simple terms - all of this lets us feel the constant care about our project and our needs. The result doesn’t take long to manifest itself. Thanks to the whole team we work with! We wish success to Fabrika Brendov in its new projects!

In the course of collaboration with Fabrika Brendov, LLC, we’ve noted that the site’s ranking and sales increased. We want to point out that the team of Fabrika Brendov is very professional and the prices are moderate. Nowadays, there are a lot of contractors in the market, but many of them lack cordiality and sincere attitude during cooperation. That is why Fabrika Brendov attracts us so much.

Alexander Yurevich Shik Chief executive of Stroitelnaya Tehnika

We’re very pleased that the team of Fabrika Brendov company doesn’t rest on its laurels, but looks for the ways of further developing of the projects. In our case, the promotion of the tk-favorit.by site was successful. However, in the course of time, it became not enough. Thus, Fabrika Brendov offered us contextual advertising. The number of orders increased immediately! Also it should be mentioned that Fabrika Brendov is an excellent company both as a legal entity and as a team of professionals united by common purpose! Well done, guys! Good on you!!!

We want to point out that we are pleased with the young company – Fabrika Brendov. We addressed them to develop a website. Thus, now we use their SEO and contextual advertising services. You may ask why? They’re young, promising, responsible and creative guys with lots of ideas. The efficiency is worth being pointed out: everything is done within the period stipulated. The pricing policy of Fabrika Brendov satisfies us: no extra costs are required! Oh, yes. We should mention it: Thank you! We’ve achieved more than we expected!

I express my thanks to Fabrika Brendov for effective cooperation while
developing an advertising strategy.
The staff of the company coped with all tasks successfully – from logo, slogan and site development to the advertising campaign. We keep on working with them with a great pleasure, as Fabrike Brendov provides us with a stable increase in customers.
Good luck, partners! Keep it up!

Thanks a lot! Everything is relative! We are glad that you are with us! We have changed everything: from the logo and colors, to the design of the site as a whole and the approach to its maintenance and presentation!

All this thanks to the wonderful team of Fabrika Brendov.

Only the best specialists, professionals in their field, creative and talented - it's all about them, Fabrika Brendov!

The PravoGrand LLC team expresses its sincere gratitude for the work done and we look forward to further productive cooperation!

Elena Borzhemskaya Pravogrand LLC

We express our gratitude to the team of Fabrika Brendov for their responsible attitude to the fulfillment of their obligations, as well as for the mobility and professionalism of the team.

Fabrika Brendov has developed a website-catalog of goods for us: https://mean-well.by/. During the work, they have established themselves as a reliable partner, working competently and constructively approaching solving problems, taking into account the wishes of the client.

Yuri Voronchikhin PLK-Systems LLC

Trade unitary enterprise Galaktika-Trade Plus expresses its gratitude to the staff of Fabrika BrendovLLC for their responsible attitude to fulfilling their obligations, as well as for the mobility and professionalism of the team.

Fabrika Brendov LLC carries out search promotion of the site, the result of which we are satisfied with. And, since the company has professional developers, additional site maintenance is carried out quickly and efficiently.

During our cooperation, Fabrika Brendov LLC has established itself as a reliable partner, working competently and constructively approaching solving problems, taking into account the wishes of the client. We plan to develop our cooperation with Fabrika Brendov and recommend this team as a reliable partner in the field of business development on the Internet.

Effective Promotion LLC thanks the development team of Fabrika Brendov LLC for the work done in the framework of the project to create a new website for our company. Experience of cooperation with the company on other tasks; have always been satisfied with the level of service and the result. This project is no exception.

We sincerely wish the company prosperity and many interesting projects!

Mint Field LLC, represented by Irina Anatolyevna Nikolaeva, its CEO, expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all the specialists who took part in the development of the landing page for the advertising game. As part of the project for us the page design was drawn, the site was created, and the functionality necessary for the advertising game was set up, and all this in the shortest possible time. We have only pleasant impressions from the cooperation. We will continue cooperation, we can safely recommend Fabrika Brendov LLC as a reliable contractor.

I.A. Nikolaeva CEO of Mint Field LLC

Kraftwerk Trade LLC, represented by Alena Vladimirovna Kotsur, thanks the team of Fabrika Brendov  LLC specialists for developing a new website for our company.

We would like to note the completely understandable and transparent progress of work for us, taking into account all our comments and wishes when coordinating layouts, prompt communication and delivery of the project on time. We are satisfied with both the process and the result, and we will be happy to cooperate with the company in the future as part of the maintenance of the site.

An excellent company, I recommend this organization to everyone as excellent specialists in the development and promotion of sites and just good people, cooperation with Fabrika Brendov leaves only pleasant impressions.
Oleg Markushevich, lamba.by CEO of Lamba