We don’t make false promises.

We express gratitude to “Fabrika brendov” company and manager Viktoria Dubinskaya for an active and efficient work! Professionalism of the company in contextual advertising campaign conducting allowed us increase conversion, while individual approach made it possible to get better positions in search engine results. Special thanks for efficiency and positive attitude! Taking into account the fact that we represent business-school, we make high demands to our partners, and marketing is not an exception. However, “Fabrika Brendov” company bears out its high level month after month. Thank you!

Our cooperation with “Fabrika Brendov” was very efficient. High degree of proficiency and the art of listening are the earnest of success. No other company ranks above “Fabrika Brendov” in it. “Fabrika Brendov” understands its clients and is ready to go into the heart of business peculiarities of its partners, offers new tools and teaches its stuff to use them.
Besides, they are ready to share the instruments of control with us, which is very important. “Fabrika brendov” is notable for punctuality, and we appreciate it. They are obliging and fulfill everything at a high level, know all the answers to our wishes.
Thanks to intent specialists and their careful recommendations we have managed to reach advanced operation of our website. Our partners pay scrupulous attention to detail. It’s interesting and comfortable to work with the specialists of the company. We wish “Fabrika brendov” prosperity and success and hope to cooperate effectively later on.

Tatiyana Nedereva-Arhipets Chief executive of SmartRealt

The process of cooperation with “Fabrika brendov” was very fruitful. Although there were some troubles during the work (we faced the problems with contextual advertising once), still LLC “Fabrika brendov” responded to it in a fitting manner. We were offered a bonus, and the problem was solved quickly. Our site will be developed soon and we entrust it to “Fabrika brendov”.

I express gratitude to the stuff of “Fabrika Brendov” for the high degree of proficiency, advertence and individual approach. The website is running perfectly, our clients are satisfied with the site’s facilities, while we are pleased with the sales level. Technical support and consultations by “Fabrika brendov” are always efficient and timely. We’re planning to continue our cooperation to promote our project in the future.

“Viktoria-100” company extends appreciation to “Fabrika Brendov” with all its heart for a fruitful co-operation for years.
Website development, its steady and timely technical support and SEO are at top level! We are convinced that our partnership will strengthen and become even more efficient. We recommend “Fabrika brendov” as the professional in SEO-sphere.

We could not help writing a review about “Fabrika brendov”, as we have been working closely with the company for several years. The results are positive. The stuff of “Fabrika Brendov” is the professionals who don’t rest on their laurels, but are in advance and look for the ways to overcome problems. Website development, technical support and web promotion are the work of responsible and reliable specialists of “Fabrika brendov”!
And the last but not the least, it’s a great pleasure to cooperate with “Fabrika brendov”.

We extend appreciation to “Fabrika Brendov” company for a great contextual advertising campaign, professional and clear website audit. As a result of well-coordinated work of the whole team, we’ve reached the increase of quantitative and qualitative index of website traffic, its conversion component in particular, increase of orders and purchases. We thank the team for the work, achieved results and sincere communication.

We express gratitude to LLC “Fabrika brendov” for an excellent work while https://keramin.by/ website optimization and “Keramin” brand promotion on the Internet. The specialists, who work on this project, are characterized as energetic and professional. Only prospective and creative employees are in the team. They make decisions quickly and are responsible for a final result.
We would like to point out that LLC “Fabrika brendov” is client-oriented. We are impressed by the specialists who are consistent with high-quality standards in their work.
The development of a complex business promotion strategy on the Internet and its results allow us conclude that the offered solutions are efficient.

We thank the stuff of “Fabrika brendov” for high-quality and professional cooperation, namely, the development of riviera-t.by website. The website was designed according to all requirements and wishes of the Customer. The terms were kept. A special thanks to the business development director of the company Olga, key account manager Viktoria, web-developer Vladimir for efficiency, accuracy, creativity, resourcefulness and high quality.
We are glad to cooperate with you!
We wish you success in the development of future projects and financial stability.

When we were looking for a company to develop a website, we knew about possible risks: inappropriate contractor, mistakes in copy, overpayment and what not.
We’ve chosen LLC “Fabrika brendov” and are satisfied with it. They developed a website for us and prepared content. Frankly speaking, we consider the offers of other companies in the sphere of SEO and website technical support sometimes, but we realize that the prices of “Fabrika brendov” services are moderate and managers are professionals. Thus, with a great pleasure we have been cooperating for over 3 years already.

Maksim Viktorovich manager of Lebras Market

In the course of collaboration with LLC “Fabrika brendov” we’ve noted that the site’s ranking and sales increased. We want to point out that the team of “Fabrika brendov” is very professional and the prices are moderate. Nowadays, there are a lot of contractors on the market, but many of them lack cordiality and sincere attitude during cooperation. That is why “Fabrika brendov” attracts us so much.

We’re very pleased that the team of “Fabrika brendov” company doesn’t rest on its laurels, but looks for the ways for further development of the projects. In our case, the promotion of site tk-favorit.by was successful. However, in the course of time, it became not enough. Thus, “Fabrika brendov” offered us contextual advertising. The number of orders increased immediately! Also it should be mentioned that ‘Fabrika brendov” is an excellent company both as a legal entity and as a team of professionals united by common purpose! Well done, guys! Good on you!!!

We want to point out that we are pleased with the young company – “Fabrika brendov”.We addressed them to develop a website. Thus, now we use their SEO and contextual advertising services. You may ask why? They’re young, prospective, responsible and creative guys with lots of ideas. The efficiency is worth being pointed out: everything is done within the period stipulated. The pricing policy of “Fabrika brendov” satisfies us: no extra costs are required! Oh, yes. We should mention it: Thank you! We’ve achieved more than we expected!

I express my thanks to “Fabrika brendov” for effective cooperation while
advertising strategy developing.
The stuff of the company coped with all tasks successfully – from logo, slogan and site development to advertising campaign. We keep on working with them with a great pleasure, as “Fabrika brendov” provides us with a stable increase in customers.
Good luck, partners! Keep it up!