AMP pages development Speed is above all

High page loading speed is the touchstone in a company's success!

High page loading speed

influences the conversion rate and sales

AMP pages development

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages that are cached by Google to be available in case of a poor connection. Other elements are also loaded while scrolling a web page, which improves the loading time.

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Advantages of AMP pages

  • High website speed

A user spends about 0,7 second to load AMP page, while 22 seconds is required to load a usual page.

  • Media has already tried AMP pages

Website high speed is an edge on rivals. The New York Times and The Washington Post were the first to implement AMP pages in practice.

  • Major search engines support AMP pages

AMP pages are available in search engine results of Google, Yahoo! Japan, Baidu and nes feeds of Twitter, Pinterest и LinkedIn.

  • AMP advertising is supported by many popular platforms

The tools to monetize AMP pages are Google DoubleClick; Amazon A9; Adform; Google AdSense; AOL AdTech; AdReactor; Plista; Smart AdServer; Taboola; DotAndAds.

  • The facility to shop via AMP pages will be introduced in the near future

All functions of AMP pages will be available for online shops: the parameters option, goods comparison and what not.

Who needs AMP pages?

Efficiency and necessity of AMP pages are taken into consideration according to:

  • content representation in search results in a brief space of time is convenient for the
    people who like to get information by means of portable gadgets. Thus, it is necessary to mention that the number of such individuals increases.
  • AMP will be useful for the companies that are based on content. Among them one may find blogs, online magazines, educational portals, news sites, etc.

Thus, if you sell tires, there is no need to develop AMP -pages. However, if you have a blog with unique articles on various automobile topics, it will be useful to create a website with AMP pages.

What are the features of AMP pages?

  • the site’s average loading time is no more than 0,7 second;
  • online shops use this technology;
  • popular search engines support AMP pages format and ads on them
  • these pages are displayed on the top;
  • it is convenient to monitor pages’ analytics by means of Google Analytics service.

It’s interesting to know that nowadays, there few companies that develop AMP pages: for example, and in the USA, in Japan.

In case you post unique and useful content on your website, AMP is quite the thing!

We look for the clients you need

AMP pages development is the best solution for online shops

We are for you if:

  • You want something more than an “attractive website”;
  • You need complex analytics and no-nonsense approach;
  • You are ready to achieve measurable result of our work;
  • Your company has the potential and you want to unlock it;
  • You are looking for confidential partnership, but not just customer-contractor relations.

We aren’t for you if:

  • Primitive solutions satisfy you;
  • You don’t like your work;
  • You aren’t ready to get to a new level;
  • You aren’t capable to be glad about progress.

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