Website and Logo Development for Bel-reet

Website development, logo design, optimization, promotion

Within the framework of the project, the company's team carried out a set of works: a logo was developed for the company as well as the website, which would help a Belarusian company enter the German market, its subsequent one-time optimization, and an advertising campaign in the German region.

At the request of the customer, the logo had to use not only the name of the company, but also reflect the main material the company works with, it being reed. During the development, natural colors were used since the main advantage of the building material produced by the customer is environmental friendliness.

The site was developed taking into account the target audience at which it was aimed - simple, not loaded with unnecessary elements, concise, understandable, and convenient. High-quality one-time optimization and contextual advertising helped the customer enter new markets, test the demand for this type of environmentally friendly building material and find a new sales market.

The finished work exceeded the client's initial expectations and allowed expanding the area of their activity.