Landing Page and Contextual Advertising for Delarte Company

Landing page, contextual advertising

In our time when there are avalanches of information flows, customers increasingly often make a choice towards efficiency rather than fundamentalness. The development of simple and understandable landing pages in a short time justifies itself by the results obtained and not stretched out in time, as is the case with complex projects. The implementation of the landing page instead of the development of a full-fledged cumbersome site and then the launch of contextual advertising produced in the shortest possible time gives clients quick results in the here-and-now format.

We have chosen just this strategy for developing the website for a company engaged in the provision of accounting services on an outsourcing basis. A simple and understandable landing page was developed, where concise information on the main services and the format of interaction with clients was presented, as well as the professional competencies of the company, and points of quick communication with users.

Immediately after the launch of the site, a contextual advertising campaign was prepared and launched, which brought calls and requests to the customer in just a month.