Ready-Made Brand Development: Yarn & Handiwork Store

Website development, logo design, naming

The future name and logo will be used for an online store of yarn and handiwork goods. The main task was to come up with a name and an image not directly related to the goods in this field (yarn, knitting needles, knitting, etc.) but would cause indirect connotations. For the image, we chose the fox, as this animal is associated with coziness and warmth - just like knitted clothes and knitting in general. We decided to use the adjective “golden” as a symbol of the production’s high quality. Thus, the name became easy to pronounce (composed of two words that are perceived as one when saying or reading them quickly) and to remember.

For the logo, a bright and standing out color was chosen that would not only distinguish the client among their competition, but also will fall right into place in the future website as the contrast color.