Naming and Logo Design for Green Mood Studio

Naming and logo design

Fabrika Brendov’s expert team developed a name and logo for the Green Mood studio of exclusive floral compositions based on the meaning of the phrase in English. The name, first of all, reflects the eco-theme of the salon, where professional florists put their soul into creating elegant bouquets in environmentally friendly packaging. Also, the naming suggests that the purchased flowers will surely give the buyer a lot of positive emotions.

Our team painstakingly worked on creating the logo in order to reflect the basic values of the flower studio: getting real aesthetic pleasure from the purchase, a way to express one’s love.

Our specialists prepared 3 completely different logo concepts, each of which combined not only the symbolism, but also the history of the brand associated with its owner and the identity of the product. Full immersion into and study of the history of the customer's business made it possible to agree on one of the concepts at the very first presentation.

It was decided to use the graceful hummingbird as the logo. It included a powerful internal symbolism of the future brand: beauty, strength, energy, and the ability to perform extremely difficult tasks.

To express feelings, convey emotions, charge with an excellent mood, help to cope with difficult situations with the aid of the beauty of nature - all this is reflected in the identity of the created brand.