Website Redesign for Aktiv Uchet Accounting Company

Website redesign

Accounting website redesign

The ease with which Aktiv Uchet copes with the most difficult tasks is represented by the design of the new version of its website.

The color of the logo and similar tints became the base for the color palette. We decided to change the dark background for the lighter one. This way, the site gets more air and light and becomes lighter and more positive-looking. The round shapes of the elements are based on the logo’s font and the company’s elephant mascot. The site is given some additional depth by the shadows under the elements and by the volumetric pictures. We wanted this to emphasize that the team of Aktiv Uchet is living and modern and its leader guides their employees with certainty through the storming waves of accounting.

As the result of the redesign, our client was able not only to improve behavioral factors on the site, but also to take the leading positions in the search results for the key topics in their niche.

Accounting sites visibility

Site’s visibility is its share of being shown in the search results. It’s counted using the formula:


in which ∑ is the valuated amount, p is the query frequency, k is the reduction factor of the position.