WEBSITE FOR THE CONSTRUCTION FIRM is a reliable construction company.
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We rendered a full range of services: brand naming, logo, website development, copywriting, SEO. This company has its peculiarities. Having got to know it better, we are convinced that the stuff enjoy the work and share a common goal. Working on image-building of this construction firm, we were convinced: this brand should be associated with strength, nordic stability, reliability and trustworthiness. Thus, the idea of “Severny Dom” name appeared. Severny Dom (North house in English) is a warm, safe, resistant to natural disasters building. It’s cozy and comfortable.

It was vital to convey emotions of stableness and reliability during the process of the website development. Blue, black and yellow colors of the website represent the sky, the Earth and the sand. Besides, one of the main objectives was to describe the company’s activity, services and results in details. Thus, the website contains useful for the customers sections: “Services”, “Our team”, “Safeguarding”, “Items” suitable for posting numerous high-quality images.