Website development for “MK Legal Tech”

Website development, SEO


“MK Legal Tech” is a law firm with the team of professionals in the sphere of economic law.

The main objectives: logo and slogan creation, website development and SEOadvertising campaign aimed at English-speaking audience. In this connection, our specialists prepared website content both in Russian and in English.
In the course of logo development we managed to break gender stereotypes and proved that a woman may be the head of a serious law firm, as the head of “MK Legal Tech” is a woman. Thus the symbol of the company is the chess queen, which is the most powerful chess-man.

As for the website itself, it was designed in lilac color predominantly, which symbolizes power and confidence. We post only unique articles about the company’s sectors and other important information for the clients written by our employees. “MK Legal Tech” is the right choice for your protection.