Website Development for OOO YarTehServis

Website development, contextual advertising, logo design

YarTehServis carries out the acceptance of retired electrical equipment and provides services for the processing of scrap and waste which contain precious metals.

The team of Fabrika Brendov  faced the following tasks: to develop a website in a short time and launch an advertising campaign.

In a short time, we managed to make the interface as convenient as possible for visitors and present information in the form of unique blocks that allow you to get acquainted with the main services of the company, learn about the benefits, and also study the stages of cooperation for both individuals and legal entities.

The result is an informative, user-friendly, and nice-to-look-at site. Thanks to our work, the research of information and filling out the form takes no more than 4 minutes for clients.

The advertising campaign helped bring a lot of interested visitors to the site. With the help of Fabrika Brendov’s team, YarTehServis began to actively conduct its business in just 7 working days!

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