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Fabrika brendov renders services in Drupal website design. Our specialists have been in CMS operation for many years, therefore they are ready to develop a website of any complexity.

Drupal is at top 5 CMS of 2021

As reports, Drupal is among the most popular CMS

Drupal website design

Drupal is an open source platform covered by GPL license. The development of this software depends on the enthusiasts all over the world.

The main advantages of Drupal:

  • Genericity. Drupal makes it possible to work out highload websites that would possess numerous facilities. It may be a corporate site, an e-commerce site or a web portal;
  • Development speed. A big number of modules provide high development speed;
  • Base stability. The stable functionality of website is provided. Further corrections or changes aren’t required;
  • Well-considered software design. Programming in Drupal enables one to solve various issues;
  • Runtime performance. It is possible to develop a website with high traffic;
  • Peculiarity of the modules.
    There are the modules that extend the Drupal features.

The companies that make use of Drupal

Drupal is one of the most well-known website control systems with an open source. This CMS is chosen by a great number of companies and news portals as a main component of the development on the Internet.

The websites with the highest traffic:

  • The While House website (;
  • Official Ubuntu website (;
  • · E-commerce site (;
  • · Harvard University website (;
  • Russian sports portal (

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Drupal is the leader’s choice

71 out of 100 best universities use Drupal


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