Redesign of Gardening & Construction Equipment eStore Brest-Motors

Development, kernel upgrade, content transfer, optimization, technical support

Gardening equipment eStore development

BREST-MOTORS is a specialized online shop of gardening and construction equipment made by world-known brands.

At first, the client contacted us to order technical support of their site on an old version of Opencart and recommendations on eStore promotion in search engines. AS a result of our work, we managed to get rid of the main issues and increase conversion. However, the site’s version did not allow for solving many problems of the project’s development.

For this reason, we decided to redesign the site and transfer it to a newer and stabler version of Opencart.

On the new version, an entire complex of solutions was made which gave the client the ability to present an online storefront to their advantage. Among those solutions were: a convenient grid of goods, crispy-clear images for the devices with HD screens, a convenient category menu, modal windows of the cart, quick view, and order that can be closed by pressing backspace, a convenient contact menu in the header, high productivity of the system, etc.

The transfer to the new version created no additional hiccups in the business processes. We managed to save the many years’ worth of order history and the client base.

To prevent the site losing its positions in the search results, our experts transferred the catalog with the URL structure and meta tags of the landing pages to the new version. It allowed us to minimize the risks of the positions sinking during the reindexation stage.

This project was made as a part of the EBRD grant program. According to its conditions, there is an up to 70 percent money-back of the cost when using the digital services of our company.

You can also become a participant of the free grant support program for Belarusian enterprises.

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