Ready-Made Brand Development for Wholesale Textile Company

Naming, logo design, eStore development


Naming and logo design for a wholesale textile company which is one of the Belarusian leaders in textile shipments. The brand offers a wide range of quality goods for the best factories of Germany and China.

The client’s requests were clear-cut and the task was captivating. The name had to have connotations with the field the company works in and refer not only to its leading position in the market, but also to the wideness of its range of wares.

The word had to be easy to pronounce, quick to remember, not cause any negative or devaluing connotations about the company’s achievements.

The result of our work was a multi-stage pool of more than 30 versions of different sound design and meaning. The creative team was so deeply entrenched in the project that now we can juggle the definitions of any kind of fabric.

It was difficult for the client to make the decision: some names did not do it for them, some brought a smile to their face, but some were met unequivocally positively. In the end, the variant that was ideal for an eStore (a short and sweet name with no contradictions when writing it down) as well as for the future launch of trade missions.

MAXTEXTILE Trading House is a worthy example that reflects the specifics (textile) and range (MAX meaning many), and trading house shows leadership and reliability qualities of the company.

The logo as the visual image of the brand had to refer to the company’s product line, be short, minimalistic, easy to perceive, recognizable, as well as to distinguish the company among its competitors.

Its blue color symbolizes the seriousness, stability, reliability, and openness combined with the steady and noticeable font solution complemented by a symbolic representation of a woven fabric.

Later, we developed an Opencart eStore on where customers can make acquaintance with the range of fabrics, their prices, and acquire the ones they like.

At this moment, the company works with Fabrika Brendov on promotion and contextual ads.